Routines, Patterns, Habits

It's a new year (according to the Common Era Gregorian calendar) and I've completed my first week in a new position at work. I'm moving from working in a production area supporting the manufacturing areas with data analysis to the human resources department and I won't mince words: It was a challenging week. There's so many new processes and systems to learn that, even though I've been with the company for over seven years, in several ways it feels like I just stepped in off the street.

Too Much With Us

The last card of the tarot that we’re exploring in Lyn Thurman’s “Writing the Wisdom of Your Soul” is The World and it extended an invitation to us to share what we’ve learned through this challenge. It’s been a good journey and still, somehow, the lines from Wordsworth’s poem, containing its own title, were the first words that occurred to me:

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers

A Universe of Judgment

For the past several days, I have allowed Overwhelm to creep in and make itself at home. Being one to offer hospitality freely, I figured it might only need a day or two before it was ready to slink off to its next destination. If I was kind enough, I reckoned, it might even be lighter on the next person’s resources, a sort of pay-it-forward karma, if you will. Overwhelm took advantage of the opening and wedged itself in there so firmly that I can’t even distinguish the space it has taken over as my own right this moment. I’m now faced with taking back some of that ground more forcefully than I’d like.

Like Making Soup

When I first started making my own soup from scratch, I would test it, batch after pitiful batch, on my beautiful (and apparently iron-stomached) friends who gathered at my home on Wednesday evenings so we could allow our kids to run roughshod over the house and nobody cared (too much) how much noise they made as long as no one was bleeding. Kids get tired of being hushed and parents, if they’re honest with themselves, get tired of hushing, so it’s a win-win to establish safe spaces for chaos.

Playing the Game

For the past 24 or so hours, I’ve been contemplating the conversation I blogged about yesterday (please take a quick moment to backtrack, otherwise this post might not make as much sense as it could – I don’t feel like repeating myself). In particular, I’ve been focused on that “don’t change – be who you are” part and I finally understood why it vexed me so much: I had been making it into a binary matter.


I’ve decided to make you, dear readers, a promise. It’s probably a little odd, but it will set a stage for me, give me the kind boundaries and ground rules that my psyche seems to demand. You see, I need permission. Granting MYSELF permission is a task I keep on my to-do list because it rises over and over again that I am SEEKING that permission… When I don’t really need anyone else to give it to me.


 Some important milestones are approaching for our family and it has me reviewing just how far we've come along this shared experience. It's so hard to remember where you've been (even when you document a LOT), so that it often feels like you're just starting out. You can overcome this with a single reminder: If you weren't born today, then you're not at the beginning of the journey.