Our hometown's skyline.

Something for Everybody?

Well, like Baz Luhrmann's album of the same title, I sure hope there's something of interest to anyone who wanders through this little site of mine. If there's not, let me know what you would like to see before moving along in the great Blue Nowhere - I'll accommodate requests whenever I can.

But why are you here? It's not an existential question - I mean, why did you come to my About page? 

Ah. To learn more about me... Indeed.

Introducing... ME!

So who am I? I've pondered what I want to write about who I am for so long that I'm a fuddled mess of contradictory thoughts. Do I talk about what music I like? (A little bit of everyone; Ani DiFranco is my favorite artist.) Do I talk about where I grew up? (A little bit of everywhere U.S.A.) Do I mention which schools I attended, enumerate the foods I'm allergic to, reveal my political party of choice, or explain why I've started yet ANOTHER blog?!? (A little bit of everything goes into this bucket.)

Actually, I will begin with the last: Yes, another blog. I'd say there's a fair likelihood the rest will make it into some post here sooner or later. But the question "Why another blog?" Well, that's really the most important to me right this moment.

The Why Matters

I have a big vision for this little corner of the Internet. It's scary to me to admit that right this moment, even though I'm safely ensconced in my kitchen as I compose this text. (Ooo - wicked meta. Bust down that fourth wall, eh?) It's even scary to commit myself to the bigness I hope to achieve. I have a tendency to hatch big ideas, start investigating them, invest my energy in them, wind a couple other folks up with my excitement then... Fizzzzz. Splort.

It's never my intent not to see my projects through. However, I can't deny that, to date, the outcomes have been less grand than I had hoped. Here, for example. And here. And here. Oh yeah, here, too. And those are just the few that made it into the public realm.

How do I know I'm stretching out of my comfort zone here by making these admissions? I've already been on Facebook twice since I started writing, looked up some stuff on Google, made a trip to the restroom, filled up my water glass, hunted up a box of tissues... Basically, whatever little random things I knew I could get away with doing that wouldn't take me completely away from the keyboard but would allow me to stall. And I still haven't said why... 

So What's the WHY?

I've stifled creative impulse after creative impulse, bursting out sporadically and spastically, without warning, without any real plan, without rhyme... Well, sometimes there was rhyme. But there was always a consistent reason: I can't not write. I've tried. It never lasts very long. I have numerous forms of expression I'd like to explore. I have ideas I'd like to share. I have healing to do for myself and, with any luck, for others, too.

At this moment in my life, a blog is the easiest way to do all that and more. It is a tool that wasn't around when I was young - heck, it wasn't even available by the time I graduated college! I have a reasonable understanding of the blogosphere. Good enough, I think, to be getting started with at least.

I'm glad you've chosen to join my on this journey. I hope we can both learn something along the way. And hey, if you've gotten this far, I extend you my gratitude for spending your time with me. How well I know that each moment of our lives is precious!