Lovely, lazy dragonfly.

Wanna hear some stories?

Good. 'Cause I wanna tell some.

What you're most likely to see here at Evolving Perspective (until it evolves again) are missives and musings, ramblings and an occasional rant, grouped in my Journal in one (or more) of three categories: Permission GrantedEat The Fruit and Evidence of Boys. So, it seems like some explanation is in order, eh?

These three categories represent something akin to a Past, Present and Future or an Act I, II and III. They build on each other, each of them representing carefully carved blocks within the arch of my life. I see each of them as beautifully bound, hardcover books someday. They are also something infinitely greater, more dynamic than a traditional book could encompass. Because they weave together many common strands, posts are quite likely to share similar warp while their weft differs. (If you're not familiar with the metaphor, I encourage you to explore another passion of mine: fiber arts - here's a good place to start.)

I invite you to explore each category more below. Clicking on the heading link will take you to posts within that category. On my Journal page, you will find all of my posts in chronological order. Explore as you will and I'll meet you in the comments.

Permission Granted

For years now, I've carried notebooks of some sort with me almost everywhere I go, filling them up with grocery lists, character sketches, business ideas, daily anecdotes, novel outlines, gift recommendations, conversation snippets, random reminders, and myriad evanescent thoughts. These are probably my most treasured possessions so you'd think, with as much time and dedication to craft as they represent, that I would have shared more from them. Sadly, not much has made it out... Yet.

A little over a year ago, on the bottom of a large, black notebook, I wrote "Permission Granted". I can assure you, that act was straight up audacious! In that moment I declared my independence from any "need" for validation from anyone else. Since then, I have focused on exploring and refining the stories I want to share... And reminding myself over and over and over again that I really, truly, honestly, for sure don't need anyone else to tell me my writing is good. I certainly won't turn away any compliments, though!

Eat The Fruit

This section? It was divinely inspired. I've shied away from expressing my spirituality in open ways. Sure, I'll take pictures of my dinners, my wanderings, my children's artistry, my kitteh cat, my crafty explorations, beautiful scenery... But I haven't delved into the meaning these things have for me...

Until now.

Eat The Fruit is an invitation. I've prepared the soil, planted the seeds, watered the plants, fended off pestilence, pulled out the weeds, and gathered in the harvest. Now it's time to finish the work by taking in the food and allowing it to nourish me.

Eat The Fruit is an admonition. I have done all the work... Why allow it to sit and go bad?

Eat The Fruit is a reassurance. The groundwork has been laid and the hours of work to reach mastery have been logged.

Yes, it's a lot of metaphor. Yes, I mean "real" food, too.

Eat The Fruit is the whole journey... And I'd love it if you joined me for a bit.

Evidence of Boys

Even though I've only been a mother to my two sons for over a decade, I've learned more from them than I ever would have anticipated. Really, it's kind of crazy. Really, at times it feels like it's made me a bit crazy.

What do I know for sure? Like, for sure.

They make me laugh. They make me angry. They make me proud. They make me fierce. They make me cry. They make me more me than I've ever been.

I remember who I was before I gave birth, but she's almost like a different person. She got up to some wild shenanigans and really had a good lot of fun experiences. She was also more than a bit derogatory about women who were mothers. She thought the concept of a "stay-at-home mom" was ridiculous - what self-respecting woman would want to give herself up in order to become a slave to little people?

Thankfully, I've evolved that perspective. The journey of motherhood hasn't been what I expected... It's been WAY more!