In the beginning

Wow. Here it is. Post numero uno.

I've composed this post so many times... In my notebook. In my head. In Outlook and Word and OneNote and Evernote. Now that I'm here everything that wants so badly to to be spilled is causing a bottleneck and only a tiny fraction is dribbling out. Perhaps that's as it should be - my Critics are hovering around, trying to convince me that whatever I say in this first post, it will sound trite or insufficient or somehow or another "not good enough".

Well... Maybe.

But/And? That won't keep me from writing. I've written reams of work in notebook after fine paper-filled notebook and all I can think about is:

What will happen to these if I die tomorrow?

Will I be published posthumously?

Who would take on THAT behemoth?

Would everything I've written simply be relegated to the recycle bin?

That last worry? Yeah, that one is pretty damn motivating. Greater than any Critic, internal or external. Greater even than my ego's desire to be read and appreciated during my lifetime. What I cannot abide is the loss of service that I might be for anyone who is searching for a kindred spirit, a non-judgmental ear, someone who has walked the difficult paths ahead of them and might shine a light back for them to better see the available choices.

Let me be clear: It's not my desire to define anyone's path.

My desire is simply to illuminate myriad perspectives so that our individual evolution remains possible, so that our wonderfully wild community of humankind doesn't stagnate but becomes ever more lovingly dynamic.

If my mission appeals to you, hang around a bit. I have lots more where this came from!