Stepping into the Spotlight

Though a confluence of things brought this blog to life, there is one very specific reason why it came into being WHEN it did. You see, I am what Marie Forleo calls "multipassionate" and have what, in education and psychology, is termed "multipotentiality." In short, it means that I have SO many ideas I want to explore that I tend to either freeze up or scatter my energies wildly. For the past couple years, I have been working diligently to find ways to bring some semblance of consistency to my creative endeavors. I'm finding out that it's a long, arduous, challenging, and ultimately fulfilling process.

At the beginning of 2011, I received a heart-breaking review at work. I had bound up so much of my self-worth in how other people evaluate me that I half shattered. From somewhere deep within, I eventually found the courage to start gathering up the bits and pieces. One of the things that helped immensely was finding Danielle LaPorte's then fledgling Desire Map program. I want to talk in depth about that later... Because what I want to share right now is a program I was led to via The Desire Map Facebook Group that gave me the focus I needed to bring this site to life.

Last autumn, I found myself in a place where I had purchased the domain for this blog but hadn't yet built the site, plus had in development no fewer than six fiction novels, three non-fiction books, some multimedia projects, and an Etsy store between which I was jumping and about which I felt miserably unsuccessful. That's not to mention working full-time as a data analyst and mothering my two young sons to boot. I was also participating in The Desire Map Facebook group with some regularity, making my own posts as well as commenting on those made by other members when I received a friend request from someone named Tanya Geisler. I'm not the type to just willy-nilly accept requests because I do share quite a bit of my daily world over there. So I popped over to her profile then followed a link to her blog.

I was smitten! Tanya has a way with words that, man, you can FEEL them through your screen! Well, I accepted her request and "listened" as she regularly shared inspirational, uplifting gems. Then, after a few months, she shared that she was launching a 12-week coaching program called Step Into Your Starring Role. Intrigued? So was I. After doing a bit of research and a bit more soul searching, I knew I had to sign up, so I did. It represented the largest investment I've made in myself since I decided to become certified as a financial planner back in 2001... In the same way that long-ago decision radically altered my world in a not-so-positive way, going through Tanya's program had a profoundly positive effect. This blog, while still in its infancy, is just ONE of the ongoing outcomes.

I implore you - if you have any inkling of what your big dream is, if you have passions that are calling to you night and day, but you feel stretched and stressed trying to decide which direction to go with them, please, take the time to review Tanya's work. You'll find exquisite grace there.

And? I have the distinct pleasure of having been selected as an affiliate for Step Into Your Starring Role.

Offering you this link is my personal way of showing respect, as a proud graduate of the program, of the value I believe it can have in your life, too. The countdown to showtime is on so get your admission ticket now - Doors close on May 30th!