I’ve decided to make you, dear readers, a promise. It’s probably a little odd, but it will set a stage for me, give me the kind boundaries and ground rules that my psyche seems to demand. You see, I need permission. Granting MYSELF permission is a task I keep on my to-do list because it rises over and over again that I am SEEKING that permission… When I don’t really need anyone else to give it to me. I can’t say what started this strict reliance on certain rules – heck, I play it pretty loose with a lot of the rules that are foisted upon me in the wider world. These certain rules – rules that I create in my mind around sharing my work with the world – they are a bunch of baloney (or bologna, if you prefer) most of the time. So much quibbling and waffling that wastes my creative time and ends up editing the heart out of some of my favorite work. Or worse – stifling it altogether.

What’s this promise thing then, you ask? I promise not to edit my blog posts here.

Wait, what?!?

I will proofread them, don’t worry – I’m too much of a grammar Nazi not to do that (okay, my proofreading skills might not be perfect, so I’m not promising no typos). But I won’t let a post sit around in the “Drafts” folder, growing moss and moldering just because I think I could do better if I give it time. Yeah… Nope. I understand the point of editing a longer manuscript – that’s a necessary part of book preparation – but editing a blog post that’s really little more than a brain dump (the majority of the time, at least), well, I have other things to do. Like edit my material for that book!

I will give you raw and real, whatever is perplexing, vexing, fascinating or befuddling me in the moment and you do with it whatever you need to do (except plagiarize it, ‘cause that ain’t ever cool and there’s a special hell for people who plagiarize – it’s even worse for people who don’t get caught). Deal? Great! Because there’s lots of stuff that perplexes, vexes, fascinates and befuddles me so I have lots to share and little patience for spending a great deal of time trying to make it perfect. As if such a thing even existed!