Deplorable Chore

Caring for your own body *should* be paramount on most folks' list, right? I mean, not to the point of extreme vanity, but good, solid general care and maintenance. Healthy hygiene habits. Moderate attention to physical well-being. Not too much to ask for, it seems.

Why, then, does it all feel like such a deplorable chore?

Having to deal with hair cutting, washing, conditioning, blow-drying, hairspraying, curling, straightening, perming, coloring? Blech. Deplorable chore.

Fighting with a packed schedule to accommodate working, eating, playing, relaxing and sleeping then having to squish exercise into the mix?!? Gimme a break. Deplorable chore.

Watching The Biggest Loser, collecting Self or Shape or (barf) Fitness magazines, trying out the latest dieting craze (low fat, low carb, paleo - what am I missing?)?? Deplorable. Freaking. Chore.


What I am really missing when my complaining gets too loud is joy. Joy of this amazing form I've been gifted. Joy of the power I feel after I've been moving my body. Joy of playing with my little boys because I get tired too quickly. Joy of choosing to eat wonderful, fresh foods because I know well how to prepare them for myself.

What I need is a change of perspective. What I need is to allow myself to let go of all the old beliefs, stories and prejudices. What I need is me to look in the mirror, without any judgment, and know that taking care of my one, phenomenal, exquisite, complex-beyond-belief body is totally and completely worth it.

Permission Granted - I have everything that I need.