Red Clay Roots: A Weaker Second

After you’ve been a writer for just so long (I don’t know how long, but “so” long), you get inspiration at the most seemingly innocuous times. But it’s not so much the getting of the inspiration but the noticing then capturing of the inspiration that becomes vitally important.

What inspiration did I notice this morning that I knew I needed to capture? Two used tea bags.

All the Words

I was gifted perspective today when someone told me – in REAL LIFE, no less – that they realized only after they had read most of my previous post that those were actually MY words (rather than a random link to something I liked on someone else’s blog). They told me that they thought it was funny because it sounded so much like me but it took them a moment to go check and see that, yes, those were in fact my words. I was grateful for the perspective because it didn’t occur to me when I was posting it to my personal Facebook page that there would be plenty of people who wouldn’t necessarily connect ME to my blog, especially since the names differ.

All the Colors

At work, I wear a uniform. Every day, I put on a white hair net, a white hat, a white long sleeve shirt (albeit with a shocking stripe of fluorescent yellow reflective fabric slashing through the center of my chest and running from wrist to shoulder), white pants, and tan shoes. It’s all very… Functional, even down to the fabric, which is designed to handle harsh detergents and a copious number of weekly washings. Designed as it was for utility, it’s also not flattering in the least and definitely not the comfortable yoga pants you’ll find me in almost any time I’m not in the uniform. My ability to fulfill the responsibilities of my role is not in any way predicated on the wearing of the uniform – the mandate to wear it is nothing more than a coincidence based on the location of my workstation, situated in a windowless interior room of a rather large manufacturing facility.

Vegetation Meditation

September always feels to me like an ambitious month. The kids are far enough into school that we're beginning to get a sense of what this school year (or at least this semester) is going to be like. My husband, freed of the summertime job of boychild-wrangling, is exploring his creative passions with more gusto. Being the weirdo who actually misses school, I am inspired to join as many classes, courses and challenges as I can find.

Step Aside

This post was going to be titled, "When You're Not Scared Anymore," but I realized I can't speak to that. I am scared. And nervous and anxious and worried... And working on changing that for the better. For myself, for my family, and for our future.

Right now, I'm in the midst of one of the scariest, most unbalanced, unsure of anything periods in my life. Yet the one thing I keep settling on, in the midst of the tumultuous moments and in the calmer, more centered moments, is that I want to be creating more. I have SO many ideas: so many stories, movies, books, paintings, doodles, cards, businesses, photos, crocheted objects, interviews, apps, and courses - and those are just the things I can think of in under two minutes!

Not So Much

I named this website "Evolving Perspective" because it represents most wholly (and in the fewest words) my experience of the world. Everyone's perspective changes constantly, even throughout the course of the day. Noticing where my perspective is during any given situation is what is most vital for my functioning and for my well being. Yes, you can be simultaneously functioning AND unwell - it's never a good place to spend too much time. For me, it takes enough uncomfortable situations within a certain amount of time to realize that something about my perspective is out of kilter.